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Hansel y Gretel en inglés cuento

Hansel y Gretel en inglés cuento. There was once a woodcutter and his wife who lived in the forest in a humble hut with her two children, Hansel and Gretel. They worked much to feed them, but they never earned enough. One day seeing that they were no longer able to feed them and that the children were hungry, marriage sat down at the table and bitterly he had to make a decision.

-We can’t do anything else. We will leave them in the woods with the hope that someone of good heart and best situation we can do is charge of them, said the mother.

Those children, that not could sleep of hunger that had, heard all the conversation and began to cry as soon as knew the end that them expected. Hansel, child, said to his sister:
-Do not you worry. I will find the way back home. Trust me.

So the next day they were the four forest, children were left next to a bonfire and soon fall asleep. When woke up not had trace of their parents and the little Gretel began to cry.

-No llores Hansel. I’ve left pieces of bread all the way along. Only have that wait to the moon out and can see the road that we take to House.

But the moon came out and there was no trace of the pieces of bread: the pigeons had eaten them.

So children wandered lost through the forest until they were exhausted and could not go one step further the hunger they had. Just then, they found a dream home made bread and cover cake and whose windows were sugar. They were so hungry, that were released right away to eat over it.

Hansel y Gretel cuento en inglés Hansel y Gretel en inglés

Suddenly the door of the House opened and left her an old woman who seemed friendly.

-Hello kids, what you do here? Have you hungry?

The poor kids nodded.

-Go, come inside and I will prepare something very rich.

The old gave them food and offered a bed in which to sleep. But despite his goodness, there was something rare in it.

Early in the morning, she took Hansel and locked him in the barn while the poor wouldn’t scream.

-You stay here until you engordes!, he told

With very bad modes aroused his sister and told her to go get water to prepare something to eat, because his brother was fat as soon as possible to be able to eat it. The little Gretel realized then that it was not an old, but an evil witch.

Hansel y Gretel en inglés

Hansel y Gretel en inglés cuento para niños The days passed and the witch impacientaba is because he saw no fatten Hänsel, since this when it told her to show him a finger to see if he had gained weight, always fooled it with a great advantage of his blindness.

So one day the witch got tired and decided to wait no longer.

-Gretel, prepare the oven you’re going to knead bread! He ordered the girl.

Hansel y Gretel cuento largos en inglés Hansel y Gretel en inglés

The girl imagined something terrible, and knew that as soon as the witch despistara you throw it inside the oven.

-Do not know how is ago-said the girl
-Silly girl! Removes from the environment!

Phansel and Gretelero when the witch got his head in the oven, small gave it a good push and closed the door. He then ran to the stable to release his brother.

Two children hugged each other and wept with joy to see that had emerged alive from this horrible situation. Were punto of leave is when is them took place take a look by the House of the Witch and, what surprise! They found boxes of pearls and precious stones, so the pockets were filled and got ready to return home.

But when they arrived at the river and saw that there was neither a table nor a small boat to cross them they believed that they would not fail. Thank goodness that there went out a gentle duck and kindly helped them cross the river.

On the other side of the shore, continued running until they saw in the distance the House of her parents, who brightened a lot when they saw them appear, and more even, when they saw what they had hidden in their pockets. At that moment they knew that the rest of his four happy days and without passing any hardship would be. The End Hansel y Gretel en inglés y la casita de chocolate.

Fin del cuento Hansel y Gretel en inglés para niños y la casita de chocolate. Cuento Largos

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