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Tale of ALADDIN and his wonderful lamp

Long ago lived a humble tailor named Mustafa with his wife and his son Aladdin.
On the death of the tailor, Aladdin’s mother went to Jenny to live both.

One day, a magician come to Africa approached the boy and pretending to know him, asked him:
-You must be the son of the tailor Mustafa, isn’t it?
-Yes, Sir, said Aladdin, but my father died.
-Poor brother mine! I would then help you, your mother and yourself. Come with me and I’ll give you my wealth.
Aladdin went with him and they came into the field. The wizard raised a stone and told Aladino down to a cave.
-You will see great treasures, but no curfews, only you must take a lamp. This ring will protect you.

When I went to leave, the man asked the lamp, but Aladino, as if it was a trap, not gave it.
The wizard said some strange words and slab closed leaving within Aladino.

And there I was, trapped in the cave, until it touched unintentionally ring and appeared a genie, who told him:
-Ask for what you want.
-Get me out of here!


Instantly, Aladino went out of the cave and returned home. Took out the lamp and, without giving is has, it brushed.
Then appeared another genius.
-What you want, Mr? -He said.
-Bring us clothes and something to eat – he called Aladino.

Instantly appeared delicacies in sources of silver and elegant clothes.
And thus, with the help of the wonderful lamp, Aladino and his mother lived many years without returning to calamities.

One day Aladino met the King’s beautiful daughter and fell in love with her. With the help of the lamp, could you offer great treasures to the monarch and this gave him the hand of his daughter.

They married and lived very happy in his palace, until one day the fake guy returned to exact revenge. Disguised of mercarder and got that Princess sold him the wonderful lamp, whose powers she was unaware.


The magician rubbed it and told the genie:
-I want you to take you very far this Palace.

And the Palace disappeared. To find out, Aladino rubbed the enchanted ring that still retained and managed to trap the wizard. Then it continued to demand:
-I want you destierres always this bad man and that you return my Palace to its place.

Their wishes were met and lived happily with the Princess.
The end

Cuento de ALADINO Y LA LÁMPARA MARAVILLOSA en inglés ALADDIN Author: Sesaeta

Tale of ALADDIN, tale of ALADDIN and the lamp wonderful, Aladino Adivino, tale for children

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