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Pulgarcito, cuento en inglés

 There was once a poor farmer who lived with his wife in a little house next to the forest.

Every day they lamented the absence of children at home, and said:
FARMER: Sad and silent is our home without children!
WOMAN: is truth! If at least had one, though was very tiny and not more big that a thumb…

We would be happy and we would want him with all our heart.

And the wish is fulfilled.

Months more afternoon the woman brought to the world to a child well supplied but as small as a finger thumb.

WOMAN: it’s as we had desired it!

And due to its size, it was called Tom Thumb. The child was well fed, and however not grew, and was left as it was when he was born.

However, soon the world realized that Tom Thumb was very smart and was able to achieve all what is intended.

One day, the farmer, who was preparing to go into the forest for firewood, said:
FARMER: I wish I had someone who drove the cart to me.

And Tom Thumb said:
Tom Thumb: I what do papa!
FARMER: But Tom Thumb, you’re very little!
Tom Thumb: It does not matter, I will be next to the ear of the horse and I will be giving you instructions!

And so the small led to the horse without problem some towards inside the forest. But on the way, two strangers saw Tom Thumb on top of the horse, and awed by its size they said:
MAN: that small could make us rich if we exhibit in the city! We have to buy it.

And they decided to make an offer to the father. But, when he heard it, flatly refused.


Tom Thumb he climbed by the clothes of his father and told him to the ear:
Tom Thumb: Papa, sell me, I’ll know as returning home.

And the father gave it to the two strangers in Exchange for lots of money.

Tom Thumb sat down on the hat of one of the two men, and thus, began his path. But halfway through the tour, Tom Thumb said the man down him with the excuse that he had to go to the bathroom, and reluctantly agreed to let him fall to the ground.

Tom Thumb he ventured among the bushes and was introduced into a hole of mouse that had seen, and yelled to the men:
Tom Thumb: Up to another gentlemen! Continue without my!

And as I was doing night and was dark, the men were unable to locate the small and ended up leaving with empty hands.

When there was no danger Tom Thumb came out of his hiding place and walked until he came to a farm and saw a lot of straw that seemed perfect for the night in the stable.

And there he fell deeply asleep.


The next morning the farmer came to stable to feed the animals, bad luck was to reach the piece of straw where slept Tom Thumb.


PULGARCITO CUENTO EN INGLÉS Little woke up when it was already inside the mouth of a huge cow, and dodged the teeth while chewing it, but ended up sliding into the stomach.

As the cow was still eating straw, stomach filled, each time leaving less space, so Tom Thumb cried out:
Tom Thumb: already do not send more straw!!

Farmer, startled to hear talk about the cow, he decided to kill her and left the animal in the forest.

In those that became a Wolf and to see the cow decided to eat it. She swallowed is the stomach of a single bite, and when Tom Thumb already was in the belly of the Wolf cried.
Tom Thumb: Mr Wolf! I know where can I find a much larger than this feast.
Wolf: where should we look for it?

And Tom Thumb described the House of their fathers.
The Wolf did not think twice, and at night, crept to the kitchen and ate all the food he encountered along the way.


And it was so full that I could not move. Then Tom Thumb began to make a lot of noise to wake his parents. And he got it.

Through a slit the parents of Tom Thumb saw Wolf and to hear the voice of her son inside, the father approached and struck the animal that left him unconscious.

The belly of the Wolf they opened with a pair of scissors and there was Tom Thumb!
FARMER: what concerned were son! Where you you’ve gotten?
Tom Thumb: I’ve been in the burrow of a mouse, in the womb of a cow, and in the belly of a Wolf, but now I’ll be at your side!
FARMER: Son, not would sell you or by all the treasures of the world!

Those three are embraced and kissed and never more returned to separate is, and thus, lived happy for always!


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