Tale of little Red Riding Hood red and the Wolf

The true story of little Red Riding Hood, the original story to read to children.

In a small village, little Red Riding Hood lived with his mother. They called it thus because it is covering the head with a red hood.

Her grandmother lived on the other side of the forest.

One day her mother you said:

-You have to go to Grandma’s House the little Riding Hood, who is sick, to take him a few cakes and a jar of honey.

And there is was little Red Riding Hood singing. Suddenly, he crossed his path with the astute big bad wolf.

Where are you going, little Red Riding Hood? -He asked Wolf.

-My grandma’s House – he said little Red Riding Hood.

-Ah… and lives far away?

-On the other side of the forest – replied little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
And having said that, each went down a different path. But the evil big bad wolf turned hastily to the grandmother’s House.

As the Wolf was more fast that the girl arrived before her and knocked at the door.

-Who is calling? -asked the Grandma in bed.

-I am little Red Riding Hood – replied the Wolf imitating the voice of the girl.

-Passes, the door is open.

Cuento de CAPERUCITA ROJA en inglés

Then the Wolf came and ate Grandma. Then put on a Nightgown and a hat from Grandma and got into bed to wait for the girl.

Little Riding Hood came and knocked at the door.

-Pass, pass – said the big bad wolf imitating the grandmother of little Riding Hood

-What ronca are! -She said.

-I’m sick.

-What big eyes you have.

-They are to see you better – replied the Wolf.

– And what so sharp teeth…

-TO EAT BETTER! – and the Wolf jumped onto it.

-Aaaaaaahhh! -He cried little Riding Hood running.

The cries of the girl attracted to a Hunter, who did not hesitate to shoot the big bad wolf. And they opened the gut and got out alive to the grandmother of little Riding Hood.

All together eating sweets then celebrated it.

The end.

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