Book review:A year of living prayerfully by Jared Brock

Por Yamilet Gutierrez

Notice:Iam making this review in collaboration with Tyndale in exchange of a book.

Hello people.Iam making today a book review.Is a Christian book call A year of Living Prayerfully by Jared Brock.

I have so much ebooks that i almost forgot the good feeling of reading a physical copy.

This book is good.Is christian.Somentimes people think christian books are boring but not.

The book start with the tale about how Jared meet his wife.How he have trouble with his prayer life.And how he decide with his wife,that he most travel to check how people pray in other cultures.

You must laugh when you read this book.Is very delightfull.I enjoy reading this because i can take anywhere the book[not like my kindle,but i still love my kindle]

Here is a Jared video explain how christians sign their emails[my is God Bless America]

And here is the trailer of the book.

Hope you enjoy this book!

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