Campaign;African American Study Bible

Por Yamilet Gutierrez

I am so happy to see my brothers from Africa finally,have a Bible for their spiritual needs.I hear about who Africans are seeking to hear Gods word and that they are hunger for the Word.

Millions of English -speaking Africans are christian.The study Bible in english are most for americans points of view.

Christians organization leds by Oasis international are joined together to launch the African Study Bible [ASB].A six year work of cross continental effort.An editorial board of 11 members from scholars from Africa,350 coming from 40 African countries representing 50 nominations.This is a way to impact the global church.The Goal is to rise 100,000.Oasis is seeking private donors.

The ASB use as a source the New Living Translation and includes 2,400 plus features such as application notes, stories and proverbs, touchpoints that link Africa and the Bible, learn notes that explain basic theology, and major theme articles that apply the Bible to key issues.

Later the English ASB will launch an English version with French and Portuguese translation.

Tyndale House Publisher is one of the contributor of this big effort.Others are:

Campus Crusade for Christ, International, Willow Creek and Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), Scripture Union, Africa Leadership, TransWorld Radio, Moody Broadcasting, Center for Early African Christianity, PJA (Publications pour la Jeunesse Africane), MMD Global, The Livingstone Corporation, InSight Books, Urban Ministries Inc., and the Association of Evangelicals in Africa, with additional participants being added on a regular basis.

I hope with all my heart this Bible arrive very soon.And that our churchs in the African can enjoy this study bible.

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