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Web tattoos dedicated to images and designs

Hello we are a tattoo which we love and make cool tattoo designs like we have on our website that I leave it here: I hope you come and you can appreciate the quality of our website , since we are very serious people who want people to choose a tattoo to do it since nowadays there are few web pages which have designs like ours, because we are experienced tattooists and we know what people want. Because many times people come to our studio looking for a design that is good for the client and that happens that the client has no idea what they are looking for and that is why we have set up this website so that before you go to your site you can go with a design or an image which you think is cool, and there is not much more to say that you also have to let the artist take a design and do it in his own way since few tattooists plow tattoos copied without doing or putting something, thats why you have to leave creativity so that your tattoo is cool and not ugly or equal to those on the internet, because having an ugly tattoo is very easy hahaha but having a beautiful tattoo is already more difficult because you have to know and choose a design or an image and a tattoo artist who can capture what you are looking for in your skin and look good and can teach it without shame and be able to go with your head very high. Because the worst thing is to get a tattoo that you dont like and you have to cover it or hide it and have to put another one on top or take it off with a laser that hurts more than getting one

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