"Hoy Como Ayer": a place of Nostalgia"

Little Havana in Miami, Florida is the epicenter of Cuban Culture. Right in the heart of the soulful area there is an iconic and nostalgic Super Club that holds the key to the heart of locals and tourist from around the world: “Hoy Como Ayer”, the perfect combination of good music, great food and an environment very few can forget.
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Just about six months ago the location closed its doors after 20 years of existence creating a void in Miamis nightlife.

Social media, television stations, and radio became the voice of loyal followers of the historical location asking for its return.

“Hoy Como Ayer,” was the home of stars such as Amaury Gutierrez, Aymee Nuviola, Malena Burke, Albita Rodriguez, Los 3 de La Habana, Lena Burke, Willy Chirino, and Alexis Valdes among others.

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“There were many propositions to change all of what “Hoy Como Ayer,” represented but the Duval family, owners of the real estate property decided that the tradition must continue and erasing the history was not the right path.”

Gil has treated the opportunity of the new era of “Hoy Como Ayer,” as a true gift. 

“I have frequented the landmark since my early twenties and never ever did I dream of being responsible for its new beginning. The excitement, of doing what I love in such a meaningful place is beyond word.”

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The new phase has the glam of Cuba in the 1940s and early 50s.  When in the location there are many setting that allow you to travel back in time when you see: Tropicana Dancers, pictures of Olga Guillot, Chapotin, Fredy, Orlando Contreras, La Aragon, Ruben Gonzalez, Arsenio Rodriguez, Sonora Matancera among other musicians responsible for making Cuban rhythms one of the most diverse in the world. 

• HOY • COMO • AYER • ————-#Club————— 2212 SW 8 ST MIAMI,FL 33135 •

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One of Beny Mores most popular songs is responsible for the name of the classical club yet Celia Cruz-The Queen of Salsa has been dedicated an intimate section in honor of her music, her legacy, and her Azucar, word that became viral across the world.

“Hoy Como Ayer,” offers a full bar along with a wonderful menu developed by Chef Ulises Briones whom stays true to traditional Cuban flavors with a modern twist. 

Briones has 25 years of culinary experience and a passion for what he does that shows in the flavor and design of each plate.

“We have the poured four hearts into this project Leonel Medina, Marlene Casteleiro, Ulises Briones and my-self,” said Yani Gil.

“We took a family dream and made it a reality,” she added. 

• HOY • COMO • AYER • ————-#Club————— 2212 SW 8 ST MIAMI,FL 33135 INFO: (305)-381-0042 • #miami #calleocho #club #concert #vip #party #bar #wine #food #hoycomoayer #concert #music #nightshow #livemusic #cuban #cubanbar #cubanfood #litlehavana

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“Hoy Como Ayer,” is the essence of our culture welcoming international acts with open arms yet staying true to our roots.  We are laughter, dance, perseverance, and exile.”

“El Conuco,” is a new component allowing for an open air section that has a rustic feel.

The alleyway that houses “El Conuco,” has been enclosed by murals that give faith to the afro-Cuban influence changing the pace of our traditions and allowing cultural richness.

True to our Rumba and Folk music “El Conuco,” will also have a walk of stars paying homage to those that have made Cuban Music a vice.

You can enjoy a “Mojito,” an “Habano,” or simply get up and dance to liberating sounds. 

• HOY • COMO • AYER • ————-#Club————— 2212 SW 8 ST MIAMI,FL 33135 • #miami #calleocho #club #concert #vip #party #bar #wine #food #hoycomoayer #concert #music #nightshow #livemusic #cuban #cubanbar #cubanfood #litlehavana

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“From the moment you walk in the door you will find a connection that penetrates your soul and will leave you wanting more.”

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